Botox Treatment in Houston

As people age, they often develop many unwanted signs of aging. Nothing makes you feel older than looking in the mirror and seeing the face you know so well marred by wrinkles, facial creases, frown lines, and age spots. But you don’t have to take the side effects of aging lying down, because cosmetic treatments like Botox fight aging to keep your appearance youthful.

Botox is a treatment derived from a highly purified form of the Botulinum toxin. Botox is a fast and easy procedure that uses minimally invasive injections of Botox in order to temporarily eliminate these facial issues.

Even better, Botox doesn’t require a lengthy stay, just a few injections that can be administered inside the doctor’s office. At the offices of board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Derek C. Lou, you can have the Botox injections administered in a short visit and return immediately to your life.

To find out if Botox is the right choice for you, schedule your consultation at LOU Plastic Surgery today!

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